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Fully Cooked Poultry

Fully Cooked Poultry

Chicken is the most popular meat in the UK and we have an excellent range of products to cover all our customer’s needs. We work with a family owned fully cooked poultry production unit, which has seen incredible growth over the last 5 years.

This fully cooked ready to eat production unit has invested in high volume production equipment, which makes us incredibly competitive in this well-established market.

We have recently launched into retail a range of Halal flavoured bone in portions and have the capabilities of producing uncoated 5g reformed and flavoured chicken pieces, which are great as low fat protein snacks.

The unit can produce reformed pressed (Revo) and whole muscle coated chicken products. We supply food service and retail products including Nuggets burgers steaks wings battered and breaded.

The most popular coating systems are Southern fried but we have many others including hot and spicy plain breaded and lemon and cracked pepper.


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Flat Breads & Associated Bakery

Flat Breads & Associated Bakery

Flat Breads

Working with our UK bakery and the New Product Development team we have created a selection of flat breads for the catering and retail sectors. As well as the flat breads, we produce pitta bread and naan breads in various sizes.

We can also produce these products to your current specifications

Our bakery produces handmade flat breads that are one of the best sellers on the Village Hotel menu and have been for many years. (Link to village hotels) Because of the production methods used in the bakery we can produce small-bespoke lines to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Associated Bakery

Low carb muffins, Pitta bread and Brioche buns.

We supply many bakery products to the UK food industry including Cinema chains gyms snack producers and restaurants.

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Fresh herbs and vegetables

We are one of the largest suppliers of frozen herbs and vegetables to the UK manufacturing sector providing standard and bespoke products.
We have the capabilities to supply mixed pallets of products on a just in time basis. As the products are IQF this helps to reduce and wastage.

These products include basil mint chives coriander garlic tomato mixes roast potatoes and various other herbs.

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Potato Rosti

All our potato products are produced in our manufacturing facility in Austria. All these products are produced with the highest quality raw materials, which create exciting flavoursome finished products

Customers are encouraged to work with our large new product development team to create (where volume permits) bespoke finished products. These products are for sale in retailer’s wholesalers garage forecourts and restaurant chains.

We have a full range of very high quality potato rosti products.

These range in size from 10g to 220g with various shapes including round and square plus specific shapes produced to our customers’ requirements.

We also have a full range of filled potato pockets and sandwiches.

Within this range, we make ham and cheese rosti toasts and a rosti cheeseburger plus pockets filled with various fillings including cream cheese chicken tikka and mozzarella and tomato.

cheese rosti toasts
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Shredded & Cooked Meats 

Scandic Foods supply a wide range of shredded meats either chilled or I.Q.F.

We supply:


  • Shredded pork beef chicken lamb and duck.
  • Portion controlled cooked sliced ham beef chicken and bacon.
  • Full joints of cooked meat can also be purchased when required.


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Meatballs & Cooked Sausages

Meatballs & Cooked Sausages

Over the last 2 years a substantial investment has been put into the manufacturing processing and cooking equipment in our production unit. This investment has enabled Scandic Foods to offer the best reformed meat products on the market today.

We can now offer a comprehensive range of cooked sausages, meatballs, burgers, faggots and dumplings.

We have also created a brand-new product development facility, which gives us the opportunity to sample and create new products.

4g to 40g Meatballs

Scandic Foods supply a full range of fully cooked meat balls.

The meatballs can be produced using beef pork chicken and lamb or a mixture of the meats depending on the Customers need.

Scandic Foods have a standard range or can produce to a specific recipe or brief.

Range of cooked sausages 

We have capabilities to produce any fully cooked sausage using natural or collagen casings. We have large range of standard lines including 10g cocktail, 40g pork and beef breakfast to 180g Cumberland ring.

We can also produce to an existing recipe or to a price point where required.

Whole sausages/coins/planks

We also produce sliced sausage planks ideal for sandwiches or coins that can be used in ready meal production.

This saves time in production and also makes the sausages more economic as less sausage can be used in meal recipes.

Range of cooked sausages 
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Fish - Raw & Cooked

Fish – Raw & Cooked

All our fish is sustainably and ethically sourced. We can also supply retail approved fish products when required.

Diced raw fish

Using the highest quality fish fillets, we supply diced frozen fillets from 10mm to 40mm. These are used in ready meals in retail and food service.

Scandic Foods can now supply pressed pieces of fillet shaped into fish portions ideal for portion-controlled meals this is achieved using the latest technology in manufacturing.

Cooked (ready to eat) fish

Scandic Foods are one of only a few companies in the UK that can supply fully cooked fish products from diced fish (most species) to portion controlled fillets for ready meal production.

Working with one of our well-established producers we can offer something that is a little bit different. The factory is a purpose-built production unit that specializes in the cooking of fish products.

The fish is cooked in a sealed bag that can be opened directly into your high care factory environment. This enables companies that do not have the necessary equipment to produce cooked fish products to move into this section of the market.

Frozen Fish
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Frankfurters & Condiments

Frankfurters & Condiments

We have in our opinion the best factory in Sweden producing over 9000 tons of product per year. The production unit can manufacture skinless and skin on product, which enables Scandic foods to produce any type of Frankfurter our customers require.

We manufacture skinless products from 10g mini frankfurters to the giant 160g foot long frankfurters ideal for adults with a big appetite. All off our products are made from only prime cuts of meat and are gluten free.

Booker – Gourmet hotdogs

In 2016 Scandic Foods launched two gourmet frankfurters - a wild boar and a chilli flavour – under the premium Chef’s Larder brand.

These frankfurters are produced in natural casings made with only premium cuts of meat. Both products in a short space of time have attracted many customers from single unit restaurants to main stream UK food chains

Calder - Love Sauces

The Love Sauce range compliments Scandic Foods frankfurter range very well with the standard ketchup and mustard offerings. It also has BBQ firecracker chilli and spicy Mexican mayonnaise. Put together they create a unique eating experience.

Cinema - VUE + Empire

Scandic Foods launched the premium skinless frankfurters with the Love Sauce range across the UK and sales are increasing every year.
The finished products are fantastic providing the customer with several different options from classic combinations – ketchup and mustard to new variants such as the “West Side sizzler” and the “Harlem Hot” combining several sauces to produce a unique finished product.

Crispy Fried Onions

Scandic Foods now supply fully cooked dried onions to finish off the classic Frankfurter experience. The onions add a crunch to the Frankfurter that blend in beautifully with the succulent Frankfurter and the customer’s choice of sauce toppings.

Scandic Foods launched the premium skinless frankfurters with the Love Sauce range across the UK and sales are increasing every year.
The Love Sauce range compliments Scandic Foods frankfurter range very well with the standard ketchup and mustard offerings.
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