Fully Cooked Poultry

Chicken is the most popular meat in the UK and we have an excellent range of products to cover all our customer’s needs. We work with a family owned fully cooked poultry production unit, which has seen incredible growth over the last 5 years.

This fully cooked ready to eat production unit has invested in high volume production equipment, which makes us incredibly competitive in this well-established market.

We have recently launched into retail a range of Halal flavoured bone in portions and have the capabilities of producing uncoated 5g reformed and flavoured chicken pieces, which are great as low fat protein snacks.

The unit can produce reformed pressed (Revo) and whole muscle coated chicken products. We supply food service and retail products including Nuggets burgers steaks wings battered and breaded.

The most popular coating systems are Southern fried but we have many others including hot and spicy plain breaded and lemon and cracked pepper.


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