Meatballs & Cooked Sausages

Over the last 2 years a substantial investment has been put into the manufacturing processing and cooking equipment in our production unit. This investment has enabled Scandic Foods to offer the best reformed meat products on the market today.

We can now offer a comprehensive range of cooked sausages, meatballs, burgers, faggots and dumplings.

We have also created a brand-new product development facility, which gives us the opportunity to sample and create new products.

4g to 40g Meatballs

Scandic Foods supply a full range of fully cooked meat balls.

The meatballs can be produced using beef pork chicken and lamb or a mixture of the meats depending on the Customers need.

Scandic Foods have a standard range or can produce to a specific recipe or brief.

Range of cooked sausages 

We have capabilities to produce any fully cooked sausage using natural or collagen casings. We have large range of standard lines including 10g cocktail, 40g pork and beef breakfast to 180g Cumberland ring.

We can also produce to an existing recipe or to a price point where required.

Whole sausages/coins/planks

We also produce sliced sausage planks ideal for sandwiches or coins that can be used in ready meal production.

This saves time in production and also makes the sausages more economic as less sausage can be used in meal recipes.

Range of cooked sausages 
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