Fish - Raw & Cooked

All our fish is sustainably and ethically sourced. We can also supply retail approved fish products when required.

Diced raw fish

Using the highest quality fish fillets, we supply diced frozen fillets from 10mm to 40mm. These are used in ready meals in retail and food service.

Scandic Foods can now supply pressed pieces of fillet shaped into fish portions ideal for portion-controlled meals this is achieved using the latest technology in manufacturing.

Cooked (ready to eat) fish

Scandic Foods are one of only a few companies in the UK that can supply fully cooked fish products from diced fish (most species) to portion controlled fillets for ready meal production.

Working with one of our well-established producers we can offer something that is a little bit different. The factory is a purpose-built production unit that specializes in the cooking of fish products.

The fish is cooked in a sealed bag that can be opened directly into your high care factory environment. This enables companies that do not have the necessary equipment to produce cooked fish products to move into this section of the market.

Frozen Fish
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